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FHT Website Professional - Team Portal

A key goal of FHT Website Professional is to make managing your website easy. By giving control to your organization you can make changes quickly and when you need them – saving time and money compared with going back to a web designer for every change.

At the heart of the system is an SQL database which contains your website content together with information on the structure of your site. Through the Team Portal you can make changes to pages and content which are stored in the database. Web pages are generated dynamically from the database, so once you’ve made a change the update to the site is immediate.

How the Team Portal Workds

There are numerous tools to manage various elements of your content: the main menu, web pages, events, programs, office locations etc. In FHT Website Professional the Team Portal gives you control over these things.

Team Portal

FHT Website Professional
Take a look at an example walk-through of how you can manage your website content - a Content Management System (CMS) cutom-built for Family health Teams  


Team Work
Team Portal - shared resources, calendars, bulletin board, document repository, session booking tools, activity/time reporting
Team Portal tools
  Team Portal - Content Management System. All the tools you need to manage the website yourself. Self-contained and self-managed.

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