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FHT Website Professional

Our FHT website package is the best value you'll find anywhere. It is also incredibly powerful.

FHT Website Professional is a premium, professionally presented, and highly functional FHT website system designed especially for your organization's needs. It has a completely modern, dynamic and functional public presence, with a sophisticated Team Portal system that allows you to maintain your website yourself - self-contained and self-managing.

There is no nickle-and-diming with our package; no hidden fees or tiered pricing. We tried to include everything a Family Health Team might need in a website, and everything your community might expect.

FHT Website Professional
FHT Website Professional - Overview  



Premium website
Premium feature-rich website with one all-inclusive price
Team Work
  Team Portal - shared resources, calendars, discussion forums, document repository, session and course booking tools
Team Portal tools
  Team Portal - Content Management System. All the tools you need to manage the website yourself. Self-contained and self-managed.
Bilingual support
  Bilingual language support - English & French
Admin tools
  Admin tools: statistics, users, semi-private resources for your extended team of IHPs, Physicians, clerical staff
  Interactive pages, maps, tables; web 2.0 design
40 hrs consulting
  40 hours consulting for setup and training
Fully Featured
  Full set of FHT Content Features
Satisfaction guaranteed

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