Family Health Team IT and EMR Specialists
Timmins FHT

Timmins Family Health Team

“Timmins Family Health Team is proud of our new website (available March 1, 2009 at It is user friendly for our patients, community and FHT team. It has a personal touch that reflects our community.

The website committee learned a lot from Chris and now will be able to self manage, knowing Chris is available for back up if needed. Not only is the website a useful educational/communication tool for our clients but also for internal usages such as communication for policies and procedures, forms and calendar of events. Thanks Chris. We’ve learned a lot and have an attractive promotional tool for recruitment to our community and organization. ”

   - Joy Galloway, Executive Director


Maple Family Health Team

“We are very pleased with our website.  In addition to the professional look, it is also easy to navigate and captures the spirit of our team perfectly.  Updating is very user-friendly so we can look after the site ourselves and keep the content current to match the growing needs of our organization”

   - Marg Alden, Executive Director


Upper Grand Family Health Team

“Using our website to distribute materials for the Healthy You Healthy Lifestyles program has enhanced the quality of what we do. Participants can print off material and review them prior to the sessions. As a facilitator I save time and money by loading the materials onto the website instead of photocopying. The money saved has allowed us to offer more groups to the community and increase the activities offered through the group.”

   - Terri Ney, Registered Dietitian, Co-facilitator Healthy You Healthy Lifestyles


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