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Custom Projects

FHT Solutions is an ideal partner for specifying and building custom development projects of many sorts. With software development experience spanning 20 years over numerous successful projects you can rely on us to get things done.

FHT solutions has expereince in handling all areas of development: requirements gathering, design, software development, validation and verification, regulatory clearances, clinical trials, marketing/sales and distribution.

FHT Solutions can help you with custom projects in fields such as:

Medical connectivity Connecting medical offices together using network technologies; data transfers and conversions; video conferencing; telemedicine and teleradiology including web-based and Internet technologies.

Electronic Medical Records Solving EMR problems, or serving EMR needs, in novel situations and circumstances. Developing EMR solutions for stand-alone and distributed (Internet) applications.

Web Database Application Development Automating workflows using web-based database applications. Computerising reports, forms, surveys. Data mining and report generation.

Radiology systems PACS and web-based radiology solutions. DICOM connectivity and data flow. Medical imaging connectivity. Legacy systems. HIR/RIS connectivity. Remote access and teleradiology.

Medical Devices Developing software for medical devices: therapeutic and diagnostic. Imaging modality consoles and workstations. Image and signal processing. Imaging physics, image quality and corrections.

Clinical Applications Software-based clinical applications. Image-based clinical applications. Knowledge-based applications and CAD.

Interventional Radiology Surgical navigation for neurology, orthopaedics, joint replacement, and ENT. Interventional radiology systems for device placement and oncology treatment.

Clinical trails: Imaging CRO solutions for pharmaceuticals and devices Developing software solutions for image-based surrogate end-points in clinical trials. Automation for Imaging CROs. Improving the imaging value chain for clinical trails.

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If you have a vison of something that you would like to see become reality, call us. We can discuss what is possible, and how things can be done in realistic, practical terms.

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