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FHT Time & Clinical Reporting - Save endless expense and frustration with this easy-to-use system

FHT Time & Clinical Reporting is an extensive web-based tool for collecting IHP time reports (and tracking all elements of IHP hours), for providing clear management oversight of FHT activity, and easy-to-use tools for requesting - and tracking and monitoring - time-off requests, year-end balances, vacation, sick, lieu/flex time and more.

FHT Time & Clinical Reporting generates critical reports on-demand, and makes bi-weekly and quarterly fast and easy.

  1. MOHLTC clinical activity reports
    IHP grouped reports, exportable to MS Excel for easy reporting
    Or drill-down and explore other time frames and staff grouping.

    Clinical Activity Reports

  2. Payroll Report - configurable to support all your payroll codes

    Payroll Reports

  3. Manager/Admin Overview - complete bi-weekly view

    Management Oversight

  4. Staff Planner for tracking vacation, sick days, education leave, and all other staff time. Built-in email request system to streamline processes.

    FHT Staff Planner

  5. Email and on-line request system - requests and approvals can be handled via email and on-line

    Vacation Request

    Request Summary

  6. Summaries for staff - avoid conflict by sharing details in a simple and visible manner

    Time Summaries

  7. Year-end Balances, Transfers and Renewals
    Manage the year-end renewals of vacation, sick, education leave with easy-to-use tools and summaries

    Manage Staff Balances

    Manage Staff vacation balances

  8. Semi-automated Email Reminders
    Makes the admin role a lot easier

    Email Reminders

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