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Website Trade-in Deal

Trade-in your old website and get FHT Website Professional at a great discount - up to 30% off. The idea is that much of your existing content can be reused, saving some of the 40 Hours consulting that comes with a regular purchase of FHT Website Professional. By saving time (at this end) you save money (at your end).

That is a good trade-in value for your existing website - especially if "home-grown". And the net result will be a really great new website that has a tremendous range of features - look at the overview here, or the details here. With the Team Portal you get private internal resources and the tools to be self-contained and self-managed in keeping your site up-to-date going forward.

The exact discount you can get depends on the degree of recyling and reuse - but this isn't 'small print', we want your business and will give you every incentive to switch!


There is not a moment to be lost in getting this deal. Call today.

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