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FHT Team Tools - Productivity tools for teams

Team Tools is a set a of web-based tools to make life easier for IHPs and staff working in the office, from home, and in various clinics. Fully integrated with FHT Website Professional it offers:

  1. Web-based folders for documents, templates, reports, policies etc.
    A central, easily accessible location for common documents.
    FHT Folders

  2. Staff Planner for tracking vacation, sick days, education leave, and all other staff time. Built-in email request system to streamline processes. Fully integrated with FHT Time and Activity Tracking package.

    FHT Staff Planner

  3. Course and Session Booking Tool - for distributed teams. A web-based booking tool to help IHPs coordinate bookings for courses, group meetings and sessions.

    FHT Session Bookings

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